UrbanGabru Charcoal Face Wash with Apple Cider Vinegar for Pimple/Acne control and clear Glowing Skin | 120gm

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EXTREME BENEFITS - With Activated charcoal and Apple cider vinegar, this face wash works for both men and women to rejuvenate and refine the skin. All skin types will see the nourishing benefits of brilliant skin with this professional-grade formula.

ACNE / PIMPLE CONTROL - UrbanGabru charcoal face wash helps clear and reduce pores, breakouts, and acne control. The ingredients in this cleanser help to wash away dulling skin cells, fade the appearance of sun spots, discoloration, and free radical damage that comes from prolonged sun exposure.

BRIGHTENING ACTION FOR BALANCED COMPLEXION - Penetrating deep to keep the skin hydrated by using a combination of activated charcoal and Apple cider vinegar, and moisturizers to leave the face with a boost of hydration and a clean feel.

EXFOLIATING AGE REVERSAL - UrbanGabru Face wash act as your skin’s daily defense and ensure that you see youth restored to the skin anywhere on your body.

With CHARCOAL SCRUB BUDS AND APPLE CIDER VINEGAR, known for its ability to draw out and trap impurities, and skin purifying technology, cleanser deep cleans 2 times better than a basic cleanser

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Urbangabru began as a small business in India with a mission to create natural and effective skin care products. Since the launch of our product, Charcoal face wash, our consumers have fueled us to continuously improve and re-imagine the skin care routine, inspiring us to develop products that truly make a difference in the skin.

As we grew our mission evolved to much more. We believe that everyone deserves access to natural and safe personal care products and we strive to empower our consumers to recognize that they have a choice in their beauty and wellness routines.

And while we believe that nature offers the best for safe and effective skin care, we also know that beautiful skin begins with healthy skin. With that in mind, we set out to discover a unique blend of ingredients that was safe for all skin types and supports the skin’s natural barrier. The result was our proprietary strength in botanical complex, a specialized blend of botanical ingredients that support optimal skin health for real beauty results.

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