Urbangabru Charcoal Black Peel Off Mask | 60gm

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Quantity: 60g; Best quality made from safe ingredients, this is 100 percent safe to use and a top quality product that'll give you the best results

Skin purifying and anti - pollution, contains powerful charcoal that can easily remove pore-clogging dirt and extra oils, effectively preventing blackheads

Nourishing with active cooling effect, it whitens and leaves skin silky and smooth everyday

Glow look-- by cleansing and nourishing skin and controlling the oil-water balance, it gives your skin an energetic glow from inside out

Easy to use - completely easy to use mask

Target Audience: Men & Women

Package Contents: 1 Peel-Off Mask

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Ideal for facial skin ageing, fine lines and blemishes, oily skin, large nose pores, effects of radiation. Usage tips test to see whether you have an allergic reaction to this product apply a small amount on the back of your hand or ear. If there’s no allergic reaction or discomfort within 5 minutes, you can continue using. For ideal use only 1-2 times a week. Apply just enough of the urbangabru charcoal peel off mask do not put a thick layer as this would be painful when peeling it off. Make sure to keep the mask from areas in your face where you have hair (e.G. The eyebrows).Once the mask is completely dry, peel it off slowly. Please note that the urbangabru charcoal peel off mask is indicated for external use only.

CharCoal Peel Off Mask by UrbanGabru - Peel off the dead skin

The Deep skin cleansing charcoal mask by UrbanGabru is a remedy for deep cleansing your skin and leaving it naturally glowing. It helps in cleaning accumulated dirt in the pores and exfoliates dead skins. The mask is also a great remedy for effectively removing blackheads, acne and tightening skin pores. It leaves your skin brighter, lighter and detoxed Besides, the charcoal mask is suitable for all skin types.

Removes black heads

Clogged and oily pores are what develops blackheads. This anti-blackhead suction hair mask is very effective in pulling out blackheads, cleansing the skin pores.

Deep cleanses

This charcoal mask from UrbanGabru helps in deep cleansing of your skin by removing dead skin and blackheads. This leaves you with a naturally glowing skin that will be ready to fast absorb all skin products.

Natural ingredients

Made from natural ingredients, this charcoal face mask has been formulated for all skin types but mainly ideal for oily skin.

Tightens pores

Large skin pores do not look very pleasant. Moreover, large pores are a major reason for acne and blackheads. This charcoal deep skin cleansing mask works effectively towards tightening your skin pores.

Nourishes from deep within

The active cooling effect accompanied by the peel off mask whitens the skin. It leaves skin silky and smooth everyday.

Peel off mask

Apply the mask on your face, leaving the area around your lips, eyes and eyebrows. Leave for 20 - 25 minutes for it to dry. Pull from the bottom towards the top and wash your face with cold water.

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