Our Story Starts Here

We know women’s Fashion and Grooming has always been given importance while men’s Fashion & Grooming has never been that focused in India. There was always a negative stereotype about men who wanted to be more fashionable and groom themselves. We always wanted to launch a group to unite and build a community of men who are interested in being Fashionable and groom themselves so that we could share knowledge about Men’s fashion , Style and grooming. But We also had a big vision to make a Brand for men which is focused on Men’s Lifestyle. At last We launched UrbanGabru to focus on Men and unite the urban men who style themselves like an Alpha male, stay stylish and look attractive.

From idea to Youtube

We wanted to spread our knowledge and help every Indian Men in improving Style and teach them about everything about Mastering Men’s Life Style from Grooming to Dating. Hemant the founder of UrbanGabru came up with the idea of a YouTube channel for Men’s Life Style. Urban Gabru Men’s Life Style YouTube channel was launched. Lakshay and Appar being the channel’s face have taken the channel from just an Idea to a Big reality. And the the channel saw a huge success and is growing rapidly.

From Youtube to Business

There has always been lack of good men’s grooming products in the market which are specially targeted for men. The products which are there are actually not effective and very expensive. So We started doing research and formed a team to make the research more effective. This team contains group of talented peoples. We have made tools and 100% natural products for men’s grooming specially for Hair & beard. We started testing these products and got many positive feed backs from the costumers. Finally we launched our products online and demand started growing rapidly. So we launched our products on Amazon and Flipkart as well. Men are loving our products and We are doing continuous research on new products that could improve Men’s Life Style and solve their problems.

Our Vision

We are tired of the cheap and waste products available for Men’s grooming specially for hair ,beard & skin. We want to bring high quality products to India for Men. We want our customers to have a great experience while using our natural products. In addition to our great product and service we want to change the view of society toward grooming Men. We want to make it clear that Urban men groom Hair, beard and have a good fashion sense . These changes take time but as we see more and more men are joining us in this. We alone cannot do this we would need your help. So help us making UrbanGabru with Desi Swagg a brand for Urban Men’s grooming.